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The NSF2, SDF's most long standing model in the collection..........needless to say this board has been evolving since 1999!

Main objective being an up to date performance design for day to day surfing.

The simple Design features are as follows:

A fuller out line for ease with a low rocker line for speed.
The wide point has been moved forward to allow for slightly more area under the chest for paddling /wave catching,with the tail at the 12" mark slightly narrower providing quicker turning ability off the tail.
Hull design is a simple Flat / double concave / Vee.
Creating a Fast,smooth platform fitting most wave types & conditions.

With modern foils the New NSF2 EVOLUTION Is a dead cert when choosing a reliable surfboard for every day conditions.

Also available in EPS / epoxy construction

typical dimensions
5'618 1/22 5/1626.5L
5'8192 3/828L
5'1019 1/22 7/1630.2L
6'0202 1/233.4L
6'220 1/22 5/835L

t: (01792) 510300

m: (07834) 535605

e: sdfsurfboards@live.co.uk