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The Blender, probably the most versatile surfboard in the SDF range.

Re-tooled with a clean, full outline and a nice rounded pin tail, the blender has been designed to accommodate a wide range of conditions and wave types.

If its 2ft mush.........ride blender, if its 6ft barrels.........Blender !!!

This board is a one board quiver killer! A really good travel board.

Also available in EPS / epoxy construction

typical dimensions
5'819 1/42 7/1628L
5'1019 3/42 1/232L
6'020 1/42 7/1634L
6'220 3/42 1/237L

t: (01792) 510300

m: (07834) 535605

e: sdfsurfboards@live.co.uk